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Jefferson County WV Fire/Rescue/EMS & Police Scanner Feeds
(Left=Dispatch | Right=TAC/Command *)

Scanner feeds are also available via various smart-phone apps, including Scanner Radio for Andriod.

Feeds hosted by Radio Reference, which hosts a collection of feeds from all across America.  Our feeds are labeled “Jefferson County Fire, Rescue, and EMS” * & “Jefferson County WV Police Dispatch”.

* = Stereo feed.  The Fire/Rescue/EMS Dispatch talk group is on the Left channel, and the Fire/Rescue/EMS TAC & Command talk groups are on the Right channel.  You can use the Balance Control on your audio player to select between the two as desired.  (Note that there is no balance control available when you use the Web Player option on Radio Reference).

Jefferson County, located in the state’s Eastern Panhandle, is the eastern-most county in West Virginia.
It is 65 miles North-West of Washington, DC, and 75 miles West of Baltimore, MD.

The Jefferson County Communications Center began utilization of their digital trunked radio system (TRS) on October 28th, 2008.  We currently have our receivers programmed to receive dispatch and operations talk groups that pertain to Jefferson County.  Scanners are capable of receiving only one channel at a time.  Therefore, we try to use configurations that concentrate on emergency dispatch.  For this reason, our current configurations do not include known private or non-emergency event-based talk groups.  Since State Police units use Jefferson County police talk groups when handling calls taken by the Jefferson County Communications Center, WV State Police talk groups are not included, as they are often busy with Berkeley County WV traffic.  Our feeds more closely resemble ‘monitors’ than they do ‘scanners’, since each feed covers specific traffic.  This gives the listener a much greater opportunity to hear the intended traffic with less chance of other traffic getting in the way.

Jefferson County WV’s county-wide communications and early-warning system went on the air at 10:15am on December 27th, 1960.  The project was conceived by an ambitious Civil Defense Director who, aided by a small group of firefighters and community leaders, utilized funds made available by the Federal Government for use in municipal Civil Defense systems to purchase the radio and warning equipment.  Later enhancements to the system and its operation placed it among the most modern, innovative, and emulated on the east coast during the ‘60s & ‘70s.  I am proud to have been associated with many of its founding fathers, and to have been a part of its history.

My hardware consists of 3 portable scanners (RS Pro-38, RS Pro-106, and Uniden BCD396T )
and a P3 laptop with an external Sound Blaster box, running oddcast software.

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